Abilene Industrial Foundation - About DevelopAbilene

About DevelopAbilene

DevelopAbilene is a unified brand for the Development Corporation of Abilene’s (DCOA) partner organizations that work together to bring business to Abilene. DevelopAbilene is led by the DCOA, empowering partner organizations to implement key strategies to create primary jobs and prosperity in Abilene.

Development Corporation of Abilene (DCOA): As the leader and expert of economic development, the DCOA focuses on creating the Abilene of the future. The DCOA’s main mission is to recruit and retain companies for Abilene – ensuring the viability of the community for years to come.

Abilene Industrial Foundation (AIF): The AIF is a public private partnership between the DCOA and the Abilene business community. The AIF works to cultivate Abilene’s economic ecosystem through entrepreneurial services, business retention and expansion, and downtown development. The AIF also serves as a liaison between education and business to help shape the future of our Abilene workforce.

Military Affairs Committee (MAC): MAC pursues additional missions and improvements for Dyess Air Force Base; and conducts promotional efforts designed to enhance the economic condition of the Abilene Community. MAC is instrumental in ensuring Dyess Air Force Base remains a premier large aircraft installation.

Abilene Regional Airport (ABI): The City of Abilene administers the Airport Business Development Management Program that is designed to build activity within the Abilene Regional Airport’s business segments. The program promotes and develops new and expanded enterprises by showcasing the community’s access to daily commercial flights.

Texas Tech Small Business Development Center (SBDC): The SBDC provides counseling and contract procurement services to small business owners based within the City of Abilene and the City’s extra-territorial jurisdiction.