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Abilene Industrial Foundation

In 1962, The Abilene Industrial Foundation received a Certificate of Incorporation from the State of Texas under the initial Board of Directors: Andrew B. Shelton, Walter F. Johnson, Oliver Howard, Briggs Todd, and James S. Lauderdale (President).

The Articles of Incorporation stated the purposes as: promoting the business interest of the City of Abilene including rendering financial and other assistance to the manufacturing, industrial, business, and trade development of the City and vicinity; to render aid to manufacturing, industrial, scientific, educational, and business enterprises situated in the City, and to induce the location within the City of other manufacturing, industrial, scientific, educational, and business establishments; to purchase, subdivide, sell, and lease real property in the City or its suburbs and to erect or repair any building or improvement for the use of any manufacturing, industrial, scientific, educational, or business enterprise within the City or vicinity, and to accumulate and lend money for said purposes.

Today the Abilene Industrial Foundation serves as the marketing and development arm for the DCOA and is responsible for recruitment of new businesses and retention and expansion of existing businesses.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Abilene Industrial Foundation is to promote the growth, development and diversification of the economy in and around Abilene, Texas, by attracting new industries, retaining and expanding existing industries, and supporting the federal, state and military agencies presently located in Abilene.

Our Staff

Brock New

Brock New
Director of Business Development and Marketing


Marissa Thompson

Marissa Thompson
Director of Talent Development


Amy Whitmer

Amy Whitmer
Executive Assistant and Marketing Coordinator