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Broadwind Towers to Expand Abilene Plant by 30%

Abilene Industrial Foundation - Broadwind Towers to Expand Abilene Plant by 30%

Abilene, Texas - Broadwind Towers, a subsidiary of Broadwind Energy, manufactures wind towers and monopoles for on- and off-shore wind energy. Formerly known as Tower Tech Systems, Inc., the company changed its name in May 2011, but has been operating in Abilene since 2008. The parent company, based in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, was founded in 2003 and has plants in Manitowoc, Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Abilene, Texas.

The company has proposed an estimated $7.2 million investment in its Abilene plant located in Five Points Business Park that manufactures the monopoles. These poles are the base that upholds the power nacelle at the top where the turbine sits. Wind towers now decorate the west Texas horizon, making it the number 1 state in the nation for wind generation with still more demand fueling an increase in production.

The company aims to double the pole production capacity by adding a second paint-prep and paint booth, making better use of the internal design of the facility. Doing so will push the final assembly to a new third structure that will be constructed adjacent to the existing plant.

"Currently, the plant employs approximately 170 people with an annual average payroll of more than $7.3 million and an average annual wage of $43,626," said Kent Sharp, CEO of the Development Corporation. It is estimated the company will generate $1.4 billion in economic output over the next 10 year, contributing approximately $3 million in revenues to local taxing entities throughout this time.

Recognizing the value the company brings to Abilene, the DCOA approved an incentive of up to $715,000 in incentives for the expansion. The expanded operation will produce approximately $1.6 million in taxes and fees for the City in the next decade, representing a rate of return of 4.4 years back to the community.