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Made in Abilene: Clavél Corporation

Abilene Industrial Foundation - Made in Abilene: Clavél Corporation

Dr. David Halbert has a long history with Abilene that started in 1965 as a surgeon operating in both major hospitals. Throughout his career, he sought to improve the lives of others through his practice of medicine, but was challenged with a more personal call to action when his nine year old son fell out of a moving car and severely injured part of his face.

The event was traumatic enough that it required fifteen plastic surgeries to repair the damage. This family tragedy lead to Dr. Halbert's interest in scar tissue and to discover ways to ameliorate it.

After years of determing both the right ingredients and processes, he created what is now known as "ScarSof," a leading treatment for scar tissue and cosmetic improvements to the skin. Being the first of its kind on the market, the product was eagerly accepted by patients that had no treatment for scar tissue.

In 1992, he started Clavél Corporation with the help of his wife Dee, as a cosmetic manufacturing company with ScarSof® as the lead product. Several years later he started working on a second product for pain relief. "Blue Stop Max®" is the latest creation to emerge from Dr. Halbert's lab as a topical pain reliever. The product represents a much larger market for the company and has performed very well in the past few years. Blue Stop Max® is a natural massage gel that "provides exceptional temporary relief for achy back, feet, hands, neck, elbows, wrists, knees, shoulders, hips, legs and arms."

Today, the operation is located on East Overland Trail, north of Interstate 20 where the company creates an estimated $4.2 million annual economic impact for the City of Abilene and has recently grown. In late 2013, the Development Corporation of Abilene provided assistance for capital investment and job creation as the company expanded its operation. The expansion was part of a larger effort to position the business to serve a growing customer base.

But expansion hasn't been the only thing that has helped the company. In the past few years, several key personnel have joined the company that, according to Dr. Halbert, completed a very important piece of the puzzle.

Most recently, Mark Viertel joined the operation as General Manager and Chief Operating Officer. Mark's experience in operations have helped the company streamline its production to fill larger orders. Andrew Harmon serves as the company's VP of Finance and was an important addition as the company's growth put more demands on cash flow. Dason Williams is the Executive VP and has been the one to put their products in front of big box retailers across the nation. Candice Rosenquist is the VP of Operations and helps lead the effort to maximize this organization’s growth.

Each of these individuals fulfill a unique and very important role that has enabled the company to take the next step in its growth. If you speak to any of one of them, you'll quickly hear a humble testament of their contribution and an affirmation that they belong to a "team" of people trying to improve the lives of those who use their products.

So the next time you find yourself in the pharmacy, look for ScarSof® or Blue Stop Max® and take pride in knowing that these fine products are "Made in Abilene."