Optimal Location for Market Access

Abilene is centrally located in Central West Texas with clear access to the Southern United States and Mexico. Serving as a touchpoint for five different U.S. highways, in addition to the Abilene Regional Airport, class-one Union Pacific rail line and efficient short-line railroads, Abilene’s location is optimal for regional, national, or international market access.

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Fast Facts


Easy Access to Anywhere

Located directly on Interstate 20 (I-20) connecting with I-10 towards El Paso, Texas, and east to Dallas/FT.Worth, Abilene provides a convenient path to lead any business to where it needs to be. Serving as a hub for US Highways 83, 84, 277, and US Highways 36 and 18, traveling from coast to coast has never been easier.


Reliability Since 1909

Abilene has been home to a short-line rail service since 1997, but the main attraction is the class-one Union Pacific rail line running right through the city. The Southern Switching Company (SSC) operates 8.5 miles of track within the city. Downtown, the shortline rail interchanges with the Union Pacific Rail, ensuring easy access to major goods and services. Playing a vital role in the all-important and fast-growing wind and energy industry, SSC provides incomparable access to all the booming hubs and hotspots around the state of Texas. SSC and Abilene are ready to put businesses on the right track.


One Stop Away

The Abilene Regional Airport offers daily express flights to Dallas and Fort Worth serviced by American Airlines. Serving over 90,000 passengers per year, this bustling travel hub is located a mere three miles from the heart of Abilene. Boasting convenience, comfort, and easy navigation, the Abilene Regional Airport experience is an essential gateway to the rest of the world.
In addition to the Abilene Regional Airport, Abilene Aero is a one-stop-shop for aircraft sales, charter, maintenance, avionics and parts. Committed to quality and reliability, Abilene Aero ensures top-notch solutions and trustworthy reliability for the entire region.

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