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NEXTU is a career development program that assists young professionals pursue careers like welding, industrial systems, aircraft maintenance, nursing, and more. Through high school and beyond, NEXTU students are supported with scholarship dollars that pay for their technical classes, books, supplies, and tools. With guidance from a career coach, NEXTU students obtain industry-based certifications and connections to their careers.


Gain expertise in welding techniques and safety procedures, preparing for a rewarding career in metal fabrication and construction industries.

Dive into aircraft maintenance and repair, mastering the intricacies of airframe systems to excel in the aviation industry.

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Develop a deep understanding of industrial machinery and automation, opening doors to careers in manufacturing and production.

Embark on a journey towards becoming a healthcare professional, with comprehensive training in nursing practices and patient care.

medical professional taking someone's blood pressure with blood pressure sleeve

Explore the world of electrical systems and controls, building a foundation for roles in power generation and distribution.

Cultivate problem-solving skills and technical expertise in various engineering disciplines, preparing for innovative roles in technology-driven fields.

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Combine your passion for agriculture with engineering, working towards sustainable solutions in the agribusiness sector.

Enter the dynamic realm of Information Technology (IT) and support services, gaining skills to troubleshoot and manage technology systems.

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Master programming languages and software development tools, paving the way for a career in the fast-paced tech industry.

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